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Saturday, November 13, 2010

tag dari wak azam !

eh, x perasan pulak ade hutang dgn cek azam, x elok hutang lame2 kahkah, meh aku bayor skang, x mao nanges okei lol :P

Name one person who made u laugh last nite?
ntah cm xde jew., (sedih giler jawapan >,<)

What were u doing 1 hour ago? •
mandi., lalala~

What was the last thing u said out loud? •
urghhh!!! (stress line fon corrupt memanjang)

Where's the next place you're going to? •

What was the last thing u paid for? •
tiket bas kelmarin., lol

Where were you last nite? •
depan tv tengok cite 2fast2furious

What's the best ice-cream flavour? •
ade org tu ckp flavour tembikai best hakhak :P

Do u wanna cut your hair? •
yup2., dr dolu tp stil blom terlaksana >.<

Do u love to 'melatah'? •
no way man

If that so (melatah), what will u said out loud? •

What does the last text-msg received say? •

Will u get married in da future? •
yes I will...opkos

Do u chew on your straw? •

Do u make up ur own words? •
ntoh ler

Is there anyone u like/love right now? •
yea haa.,

tag to another 5 person •
x mao., (degil lalala~)

orait., im done~

sticky note: " wak azam?! wak lu! " komfem., hakhak~


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